Coaching just means Guidance, in it’s roughest form.

We All need Guidance with something. And we usually receive it from someone who knows more than us, or has experience, about something we haven’t experienced yet. That’s All.

So, no big deal, right!? Consider it taking a driving lesson, just except that you are not sitting in a car on the actual road, but rather on the road to your Life. And you even get to choose the car!

This probably means you need a drivers license…and some driving lessons, because somehow you haven’t quite found the road you wanna ride on, leave alone the direction you want to take.

No Clue? That’s ok…there is always a way to figure it out, because in your Heart you already know.

So…all i’m here for, is to accompany you on the initial rides, maybe give you a hint, an idea, a question or a curiosity…so you figure out where you are aiming at. Otherwise you might be ending up in the Mountains, when you actually wanted to see the Ocean.

Mountains are nice, but do you have a Jeep for the rough road?

Well, either way. There is ALWAYS a Way! And if you cannot find it by yourself, there’s always someone who’s been there already.

Here we go! Where do you want to go??

(in clear context this means 🙂 i am here and offering my help if you feel that you need some direction, some ‘unjudgemental-path-discovering’, some healing (spiritual) or maybe some guidance to gain a little more clarity for certain areas of your life. i am not a psychologist or medical therapist, neither a doctor. I am however a spiritual Healer, who offers advice on an alternative approach to life’s challenges. We all face them in our lives, yet how we face them, determines how we live.)