Random Poetry…

~Perfect Music. Favourite Table. Great Coffee. Cozy corner. Rain to cover Us cozily. All i wished for today…~

by Bella

The air is clear, the Sky is Blue…the World is pretty. So are You!

by Bella

Heavy Sky.

The sky is heavy, with a thick grey. The clouds hang low.

The world is embedded in it’s deepest winter sleep…

Or so it seems.

It’s alive, beneath. It stirs.

Beyond, there is always blue Sky.

Always blue Sky.

Long Enough.

And suddenly…

This Song.

I miss you.

I met you once. And yet.

Who says i cannot miss you?

Maybe i missed you long before i met you,

And will, long after i met you.

All those possibilities,

Yet unexplored.

So much Joy,


So many questions we have not asked, yet.

So many kisses we haven’t stolen yet…

From each other.

Sneakily behind this corner and that!

I miss your arms around me,

So solid.

So safe.

Just a blink of a moment i felt them,

And yet i did.

Long enough to miss them now.

The way you looked at me from the Side,

Before you kissed me once more.

All those things i love about you already,

Even though i can barely remember your name.

Our hands touched,

And we let them slide into each other,

Like it was the most normal thing in the world…

Like we have never done anything else.

So familiar & so strange.

Thank you for giving me that Feeling.

For one Moment.

by Bella

May i die here…I am home. In your waves, big and small, Luscious and soft, Gentle and thundering, I have found my Peace. 
I am yours. Take all of me, and dissolve me into you. I am dust in your hands, 

And your sacred lands, May my bliss be, when i am spread over your ocean body.
I belong to you, more than i have ever belonged anywhere. I feel connected to you, as if you have crept into me, from the moment i sat foot on your sacred lands.I am home.
I have returned to your paradise landscapes,

Your rainbows fill my heart every time, With a Joy i cannot contain.
If my body turned to ashes, May it be here.

If i return to the dust from which i raised, May i integrate and become part of you, As you are part of me, Since i met you in this Life…Beloved Bali.

(Inspiration by Sunset, ever more beautiful than another, in shades of blue, pink and golden yellow. March 2020. My inspiration lies in these lands.) (by Bella)

Sparks of Light, we ignite. Each other.