What would You do from the View of Love?

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This is an Exercise i recently came up with. Doing a lot of Manifestation and Healing work, my Mind works around these things, and comes up wit All sorts of ideas at the most random times. And this is a beautiful One.(i think!)

So…this practice you can pretty much involve in any situation, relationship or circumstance. If you are faced with emotions, which we are mostly, we react OR respond.

Any reaction of course brings something forth. A response might be better, depending on that specific moment of time. However, in both cases you can make use of this technique.

Lets say for example you got triggered, and are facing an argument. Take a deep Breath (until your belly rises, not just your lungs…breathe deeeep into your belly.) and ask yourself: What would my reaction be NOW from the view of LOVE?

So if you feel for example anger right that second & you remember the Love you feel for that person when you are not having an argument, act from THAT place! From Love. Just pausing, and considering this, will change the Emotion.

Because it will give a break to the moment of RE-action, and give a space to breathe. The aftermath of the event will be significantly different than if you act out of anger, i promise you that.

Love is the underlying connection to anyone and everything. Yes, even if you say now: ‘But not to my Boss!’

Well, then i’m going to say, ‘Think again!’ Because on a Universal Level, we are All connected. Beyond our superficial human emotions. So if you cannot feel ‘human’ Love for the situation or person you are faced with, reach deeper. Go for the Universal Love. Just trust, that somewhere within you, there is a place of Love for that specific circumstance or person (Soul Being).

We are All CAPABLE of Love, even if we need to Grow with it. THIS is the important thing to remember! And when we act from Love, arguments seize. Wars seize. Ego seizes. It is our biggest opportunity to rise, both as ‘Human Being’, and as ‘Universal One’.

This practice is designed to bring us much Peace, remove the drama and just to see things for what they really are. Because most of the times, especially so when we become emotional, things are seen in a deterred vision and blown out of proportion. This is why, sometimes we say after a discussion or argument ‘Why did i react so strongly??’

Well, because You RE-ACTED.

And why not change the re-action from the Beginning, if we have the tools!?

Much Love to You.

May this benefit All!