The Elevator!

Hows your Mood today?!

Rotten, Amazing, Up on Cloud 10!?

What if i told you, that you can choose your Mood? It’s totally up to you. In fact, nobody than you.

Imagine an Elevator. In another way, it’s also called a ‘LIFT’, right!? What does it do? It usually ‘lifts us up’, yes!?

So, imagine, you are standing in front of the elevator. Your personal Elevator. On which Level are you today? Level 8, 10? Down in the basement?

Where do you wanna be!?

Well, if it happens to be that you are on one of the lower Levels, you can decide at any given time, to ‘up-lift’ yourself. You don’t need any permission from anyone, YOU HAVE THE KEY to call the Elevator to you, and let it take you, where you wan to go.

You enter, and you press the button. Easy as THAT. And in your Mind, you gradually rise, from Level to Level, Higher and Higher…and you feel your Mood rise with it. Your Energy rises too.

On every Level you can choose something FUN to do. Have a coffee, a tea, take a walk, write your journal, hug your pet. Doodle on a piece of paper…take a bath. Go for a swim. (As the Elevator moves/is in Movement, we too, must be in Movement. Often that alone ‘lifts’ the mood!)

Whatever makes you happy. Speak to a colleague. Look at your favourite colour. Listen to a happy song. Do a little HaPpy dAncE, right where you are! Whatever rocks your boat! Or lifts your Elevator, in this case.

Only You, You & Yourself are the KEYHOLDER to your day, and you, besides All others, probably know best how to make you FEEL GOOD!

And there You Go! Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8….and finally Level 10!!!


Happiness~Satisfaction~Motivation~Love~Health~Joy~Forgiveness~Connection!?? You decide how to label the ‘Buttons’ on your Mood-Elevator!

HaPpY RiSinG!!!! 🙂