A Healing Offer

What is Healing to you?

To me, it means reaching out, acknowledging each other’s Strengths & vulnerabilities & helping to Support each other.

It also means, using our hands. To touch, to affirm, to hold. It means to speak words of Love, Support and Guidance, when possible. It means Re-lease. Re-membering and Re-Connecting.

Maybe the last point, Re-Connection is the very most important One. Because at this moment, we are so disconnected. From Ourselves, from our worldly Earth-Nature and from Source itself. We try to live as Individuums, where as we are All in the same Energy-field.

We live upon the same planet, and try to outdo each other in a Competition. This will not make us stronger. Combined Strength is shared Strength, is Powerful Strength. New Strength. Only together we can reach beyond.

Together we can learn to nourish each other, and together we can train our Acceptance!

We can Heal our denial.

We can Heal our lack of Love (Self-Love!)

We can Heal our Emotions. (which are the basis of our Re-actions).

We can HEAL our Thoughts. (Our Guides and Creators of OUR world, our individual view of Life itself.)

And through All that, we Heal our physical challenges, which are the indicators and reflectors of what lies inside our Minds.

I can offer Healing in the form of Reiki Treatments. Either as One on One session directly, or via Distance-Healing. I have received all three Attunements of the Reiki Usui System (certified Reiki 3 Healer).

For more Information please contact me or read under the Reiki-Section of my page.


As well i can offer you my support & experience in helping you understand the importance of Conscious Manifestation and by creating a unique Set of positive Affirmations, which are aimed at focusing on the desired outcomes in your current Life.

i work with Affirmations a lot, also personally. Affirmations are very Powerful Tools to help us concentrate our Attention positively on what we really WANT to attract into our Lives.


For Healing Packages including Reiki~Sessions, Meditations & Conscious Creation Guidance, please contact me. ~~~NAMASTE~~~