Reiki is a natural, ancient Art of Healing by laying on hands and using the Bodies own Energy points. By doing so, the Chakras (the 7 Energetic points of the Body) can be reactivated if dormant, realigned if blocked, and Energized anew.

i find it to be a very gentle way of giving and receiving Energy, and i have practiced it on myself, animals, friends, family and loved Ones.

it facilitates deep Relaxation if we give in to it, and can promote profound Healing, if the person is open and willing to receive it.

i have received three initiations in the Usui System of Reiki, the first, second & the Mastercourse. If you are interested to know more about this form of Energy Healing, you can have a look here:

And of course by interest, you can contact me to schedule a Healing session. Reiki works both One on One, and as distance-Healing.

At this point i am not yet giving Initiations, only the Energy Healing itself. However, this might change at a later point.

You are invited to Receive& Release.