About me

My name is Bella. i am a Nomad. i wasn’t born a Nomad, i became so by choice. My story is unconventional. Just like i wanted my Life to be. Mediocre is not enough.

We have but one Life (in this Lifetime at least), and i want to experience every moment to the fullest. There is Love to give, Joy to share and Wisdom to gain and remember. Experiences to be made! i will not miss a single opportunity which is given to me. This is my Life. i choose.

And i choose extraordinary. Even better, i choose anything that has nothing to do with normal. Because, what’s normal? i want to fly, i want to fall, feel the air, the water the breeze on my face…the sand on my skin, the Sun in my Heart. i was born on planet Earth, and i am it’s citizen.

No, she is not mine, i am hers. And when my Life is done, i will return to her Ashes and dust, to give back to her my Gratitude and rightful belonging. As we All will. No exceptions.

One extraunusual chance, One Life! One opportunity we have, to live every Moment according to our truest beliefs. I Am That. I am Wind and Air, i am Sea and Ocean, i am dusk & dawn, i am Sun, i am Light and i am Darkness too. I am All that Life is, and i Am it’s creation. Not the other way around. I am a Healer and a Lover, a Supporter and a Change-bringer…i am the girl on the beach watching the sunset, playing my Ukulele…and i am too the Woman who walks over the Dunes into the Horizon.

I am All there is to this Life. And so are you. Names are given to individualize. Yet we must learn to ‘unindividualize’ again. To tap into our truest Energy, our Oneness. Our Uniqueness, yet Togetherness. Our Ability, our Wisdom, our Awareness.

Here on Earth i am a human, interested in Peace, Humanities well-being, and more so, Mother Earth’s well-being. Just like our family, we would always want her to be happy & healthy, because She is our first family, even before our human family! She is our Provider, Nourisher…and our Possibility. The only Possibility.

I am here to fulfill my Mission of travelling around the world, meeting and connection people from all over the Globe, finding them in my Heart to be my brother’s and sisters…and celebrate our Oneness! Our Ability to heal each other, and to talk about Love!

Love, Love & Love…

‘From Love we come, and to Love we cease’. (Bella)