Daily Inspirations!

*What Beauty can i see in the Rain today?*

I AM the One who chooses what i think!

*Can i use my Confusion as Growth?*

Peace is my Reality.

*What would Love do?* (Quote from a movie)


*What if You just believed in Yourself & in All your Perfection?*

I AM not giving anyone the freedom (permission) to make me angry. (Sadhguru*)

*if we never ask, we’ll never know!*

Attached to Nothing. Connected to Everything. (by unknown)

*Write down 10 Things your Grateful for today. Watch Your Energy shift.* (i do it every day…)

I AM operating on the Highest Vibration possible!

*How can there be 7 Billion people in this World…but it is so hard to meet someone!?*

Be empty. So the Universe can fill you.

*What if you could cut out all your favourite movie-scenes & patch them together…what kind of movie would it be?!*

Listen. Your Mind is trying to speak to You, beyond your thoughts.

*Let the Sun shine into your Heart!!!*

Which Emotion do i choose for today?

*I will always choose Adventure over Security..!*


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to your Intuition! It just knows…

If I AM not living fully, then who will do it for me?

*if we keep doing what we’re doing, we keep getting what we’ve got!* (quote by ?)

May we cause each other LOVE.

*Be someone’s Sunshine today!*

Wherever you are NOW, you are ten times STRONGER than that!!

*If you can’t control your Mind, then you are in your own prison!*

I Let Go & Flow.