i believe that Life is about Magic! That's why i write all those Beautiful words with high, positive Power in capital letters. Life is about being experienced and experiencing. It is about going out there, being amazed, flabbergasted, blown away! I think if Life currently doesn't give you this Feeling of 'Hell yeah! i wanna jump out of bed every morning because i am so exited to be alive, and for All those amazing possibilities & opportunities out there!' then you are not living the way you could. Life is Potential, and Life is Abundance. It is Gratitude, Sunshine, Laughter, is Radiance, it is Friendship, it is Challenge! It tickles and itches and sometimes teaches us, through pleasure & pain, and Lucky US! It's up to us HOW we want to experience it. This is what i think at least. If we start looking into ourselves, and find that Happy Vibration to radiate on (by the way, yes you have to dig it out of ourselves, and yes it takes taking some time with yourself! So start today! ;)) Then Life is so much more than what we had been told. It is All that we imagined and All that we had hoped for. There truly is no limitation. Life is up to US. We are the Radiator, the Creator, the Changer. The Vibration-setter. WE. Choose your Vibration wisely. Our Universe is made out of it. Ya know it! Whatcha sendin' out...radiates back to yaaaaa!! A hundred times over. LIFE is to be LIVED!

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    Peaceful World.

    Crossing my mind the other day, while i was driving. Seems to be the time when the mind is focussed and goes off to good places. It appeared to me suddenly, why there is so much complication in our world,…

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    Sunshine Mornings!

    My inner clock rang at 4.39am this morning. I know, kinda crazy, ay!? But then, i love it! On the island you cannot wake up early enough. And no matter how early you wake up, there’ll always be someone on…

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    Driving with three Coconuts!

    Have you ever been in Asia? You will find that the matters of transport work differently here, than anywhere else. Talking about Indonesia. Talking about Bali. Here, you can pretty much transport anything with anything. A double bed mattress on…

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    Anything can Happen.

    You think you got it all settled, all sorted out, all in line. And then Life suddenly blindfolds you, turns you around a couple of times, and let’s you wobble off into a completely new direction, with no roadmap. Im…

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    Under the Bali stars.

    Nyepi, the Day of Silence. The night of Stars. Hundreds…thousands. Shooting stars for every wish you have. It’s the balinese Hindu holiday, where the island is under complete lock down (funny, as the world is currently under lock down too!…

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    Stay as long as you like… Part 2

    Next day. Trying our luck again. Getting up at 5am to depart 5.30am to immigration in the south of the island. Tired. Sleepy. And yet happy to have the fresh, cool morning air, no burning hot sun yet on our…

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    A crazy beautiful Day. Part 1

    Standing at the Entrance of Immigration in Indonesia, Bali. Waiting for 2 hours. Hundreds of people in line. Everything moves slowly. Hot Sun. Uncertainty. A global situation, and Visas are running out. Waiting. Waiting. Finally, after two hours we are…

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    You know when, based on your Intuition, you know stuff… But you don’t want to know. And then you try to convince yourself, that you are wrong, even though you know you are right. Yeah, that’s a b****!

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    Have you ever been in a Dance-Trance!?

    Yes, i have. Last weekend. Gliding over the dance floor (no, im not speaking about drugs, but about a Feeling!… ;)) Latin Beats. Saturday nights. My body moves on it’s own, all the Thoughts dissolve. A Gentleman asks me to…