Look Up! And re-connect.

This morning at the beach…walking with my dog…Eventually i felt to sit down, and take a little break, before heading to our favourite cafe!

I layed back, because i longed to feel Mother Earth & the Sand, wanting to do a little re~connection. i didn’t mind having the sand on my Body. And then i Looked Up.

And i remembered…YES! LOOK UP! Sometimes, many times, often, too many times; we get caught up in our mind, in our lives, in our thoughts. And we forget, what really matters.

All we need to do then…right that second, is LOOK UP. To the Sky. The magnificent sky. And you can do this of course from anywhere (no excuses! ;)) from a window, from the balcony, the street, or the beach like me. Even from the tiniest hole in the wall or the roof, you can look up.

And realize how small we are. How small our problems are. Or, as i like to say…the situations which havne’t revealed their solution yet, OR, even better…we haven’t chosen to see them yet!

So, whenever you feel Happy, feel Grateful, feel overwhelmed, sad or joyful…whatever emotion it is, that has just taken ahold of your Heart that second, Look Up & see! ‘I AM part of this Universe & it is so vast, so unlimited, so full of Endless Opportunities. I AM part of it, and it’s Divine Spark is within me. I AM part of ALL, and ALL is part of me. I AM a Grand Being, bestowed with so many blessings. And all my earthly, impermanent ‘problems’ (situations) which i encounter right now, will not last. They will pass. I WILL overcome them, and in the face of Everything that is happening in this Universe right now, it lasts only a split second. Not even.’

And cherish that Moment. Really cherish it. Choose to see the impermanence of it (yes, even of the Great stuff! ;)) & realize how beautiful and big the stars, the clouds above us are. And it makes all our concerns appear very small, very temporary, very ‘overcomeable’! Yes, i just made that word up! But it says exactly what i mean.

I layed there, skin on the sand, looking up to the blue sky and the white clouds…and reconnected to myself. Seeing nothing else, except the Sky, just that Nature, is so healing! I just breathed, into that Moment, and felt Grateful. For me small yet so Powerful Earthling, being granted time here on this planet…and being ALLOWED to cherish the time i have here. Every Minute of it!