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Every Day a different Energy!

You know how Life can throw us about? Like today you feel on a high…and then tomorrow you’re like ‘Where the heck did that feeling go!??’

Yeah, i know. isn’t it a beautiful part of our permanently transforming life?

The last couple of days had felt really strange, quite as if Energies were flowing up against a wall, stumbling and rumbling over bigger stones and smaller ones. Like little holds ups were placing themselves all along the way. Then i noticed i was resisting. Struggling. And i remembered a message from my Meditation around last year…which said clearly: ‘Whatever you do, do not struggle. Just surrender.’

So what more can we do, than surrender?! Surrender to the moment as it is. It brings you back into the flow, and makes you feel grateful for what is already in your Life. A little recall of All the Good.

Now, a few days down the line, it feels lighter already, even if not completely ’round’ yet. And i sense it’s all about change.

Change at least, is there for us to be thrown out of our comfort zone, and that is exactly where i am now. Out of my comfort zone. So probably i should consider myself lucky! As these are the days of Growth, where there is room to expand onto a different level, if we want to. And if we choose to!

Who knows how long it’s gonna last…because Energies are so fluent, so easily transformed into something new. We always seem to tend to hold on, even though at the same time, this seems the most unnatural thing to do. Nothing is permanent except for impermanence.

In that sense, we can just celebrate these opportunities & recognize them as such. Fear and doubt are often companions of change…yet when we give ourselves the possibility to grow beyond them, to include them and still try, to respect them and yet set the first step on the unknown road…it might turn out an exciting adventure!

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