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Have you ever been in a Dance-Trance!?

Yes, i have. Last weekend.

Gliding over the dance floor (no, im not speaking about drugs, but about a Feeling!… ;))

Latin Beats. Saturday nights. My body moves on it’s own, all the Thoughts dissolve. A Gentleman asks me to dance. I reach out my Hand.

The next two or so hours were spent in a total different state…of pure Bliss! Eyes closed, being swept along to Salsa, Bachata & Co. Two Energies combined so perfectly, two bodies in Rhythm to Music, just moving along together, without any questions.

A Sense of being perfectly in the Moment, and being in the nicest place where i could be, i felt nothing but the Music.

And being held. Being turned. In Harmony.

There could have been no more Perfection in those hours, of two people feeling a Beat in the same way, and joining to dance in total Unity.

Like a Meditation. A Dance Meditation. Like a Trance!

This is when Life sets into real Motion, and when we feel those high Vibes of Life-Energy flowing through us! What we are able to feel…AMAZING!!

How beautiful this Life truly IS!

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