~I have the Divine Right to be Happy. We All have.~

What this page is About? Well…it’s a tropical Cocktail (to say the least!) of Travel stories, shared Experiences, Healing journeys, and my offering to the world, of what i believe to be able to enrich people’s Lives with.

I believe i came here for a reason. We All did. Some of us remember. I do.

So whilst amusing my readers with tales of interesting experiences i’ve made, & stories of daily or random encounters with Amazing other Beings..i also want to reach out to every Single One of You, who feels called while reading this, to get into touch, to ask for Healing, to ask for Sharing, and to re-connect! We are here to reconnect.

And if i can, i will do my Best to support You on this Journey! Some people really feel the Calling to start walking on their own Path, yet they just don’t know where to set the first Step. So perhaps whilst working together, conversing, opening up, letting go and trusting to show Everything, we start seeing clearer.

I know that sometimes i need input from another. Most of the time i know where to seek it. Sometimes i don’t. And even though the Input always arrives in one or another Form, i would like to offer to other Beings to be the One to share with, to ask, to work together with.

Only together we can support each Other. Together we can Heal our Hearts. None of us needs no healing…we All do. We all seek it, yet most of the time not where we will find it. So we must look to Each Other to hold out the Hand, and to say: ‘Sit with me, let’s talk. Let’s see and find that Path you want to walk on. Many have walked it before. Let’s discover a new road-map!’

So i am reaching out my Hand to you, and also my genuine Heart-Energy…to offer you my Healing Abilities and to tell you where i have gone, the paths that i have walked on, which might be beneficial to your future Path.