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I have known Freedom in a lot of ways. And it can mean a lot of different things. I have gotten to know it in the vastness of Sanddunes in Africa, i have observed it while sailing on the great Atlantic Ocean, and i have felt it countless times, when surfing a wave. The latter might be the best example.

Yet, Freedom is not really on the outside. Nor is it in the external places or how far, wide and vast they may be. It truly lies somewhere else. I thought i have caught a glimpse of that place, which lies between the release of all boundaries, the resetting of our conditioning and the ‘Letting Go’ of what we thought to be the only reality.

Also, it is heading into the direction of overcoming our own challenges, fears and hold backs, not allowing them the space anymore, to hold us back. When we have discovered the path to the Self, the road bears many hills and valleys, yet whenever we have crossed another hill, the valley lying behind it is of a more beautiful panorama, than the One before. That is, because an old part of us has faded away, and has made room for another, greater, wiser, free-er, more adventurous part of ourselves.

Once we have become aware that there exists a map to our Inner Self, and even have come so far to tread the first step on it, we start thinking where it might lead. Awareness rises, and we slowly start to understand, that our Journey is really about growing into the ‘greatest Version’ of Ourselves. This means being bold, being stopped and yet continuing, having fallen and YET getting up with even more determination to walk on, even sprint, even jump!

With the Courage that comes through authentic Self-discovery, the Confidence grows within us about our Strengths, yet also the knowledge of our Weaknesses, and where we can yet expand. There is no Limit and not truly an ‘End of the Road’. Actually there are just Transmissions and Transformations. The Brothers Courage and Confidence also give us the Space to reach higher. This is Freedom. Where there is a Space, in which we are not afraid anymore, of what is going to happen or not going to happen.We just develop a certain Trust towards Life, that everything is going to be All Right.

Everything is going to be OK, because in the End it always is. It might not be the “OK” we expected, but it will be it’s own Version of OK. We have the Ability of Acceptance.

We also have the Ability of Choice. We can always choose. And for that Choice, we must take the responsibility and the consequences. Also that is Freedom. To me, the most valuable kind of Freedom is, that i have Liberated Myself from anyone else’s views. I have Accepted my Own, and i have chosen the Principles i want to live by.

I have also learned, that my view of Life, is mostly not anyone else’s view of Life. And i am OK with that. That is my kind of OK, and this IS ‘my kind of Freedom’, It is beautiful to me, it makes my Life unique. And that is exactly what i wanted. A unique Life.

We All must Search and Discover the Greatest Version of Ourselves beyond the Horizon, and form ‘Our Version’ of OK in Life. We paint the Horizon and the Sky with Our own Colours, and our Life will truly become Our Life. Our Life & Our Freedom!

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