There are days, where it rains outside…but we feel the Sunshine inside our Hearts! We feel strong and confident, amazingly positive and like we can take on the whole World!

Then there are days, where the sun shines outside, but inside ourselves some storm clouds are drawing up, leaving a chance for rain, a possibility for thunder that shakes us up from the ground…and maybe some lightning too. Might be…it is not only lightning, yet en-lightening!

Those are the moments where, whatever we are doing, we must take a moment, feel the in-breath, feel the out-breath even slower…and while breathing out, tell ourselves that after rain, there is always Sunshine.

We must be so grateful for those moments, as these are the opportunities we get for growing. When everything is great, we can just flow along…also knowing that it is changeable. When seas get a little rougher, that’s when we learn to steer our boat into the right direction…to stay on track.

It’s ok to get a little lost, to take a detour, maybe we encounter something amazing, which we would have missed otherwise…yet. Eventually we must remember our determination, to be the Voyager on our own journey, who will and wants to find the path.

So raise your head and enjoy the rain! Let the thunder wake you up! Laugh with the lightning and find your balance on the rocking water! It is so worth it! You will come exit the storm with so much more Strength, Enthusiasm & Love for your own Confidence. Empower your stormy Self!

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