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Anything can Happen.

You think you got it all settled, all sorted out, all in line. And then Life suddenly blindfolds you, turns you around a couple of times, and let’s you wobble off into a completely new direction, with no roadmap.

Im not saying this is bad. Quite the opposite. I’m saying, anything can happen. Everything can turn out completely different from what we had imagined it to be, and this is a Good Thing! It gives some spiciness to life.

You might have thought you’d be working in the same career you started out with, and finally you find yourself on a path you’ve never even considered. With no prior experience. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and expands you.

You become a bigger, greater version of yourself. This happened so many times in my life. Right now it is happening. I thought i was travelling for a month, return to Europe and work as a waitress, you know…just for fun.

Then this globally transformational ‘Opportunity-situation’ a.k.a. Corona turned up, and threw us all out of our lanes. That’s a Good Thing. I feel.

So here i am, having wanted to write, having wanted to become location free on a work related basis & having wanted to focus exactly on what i want to use this year for. Apart from the fact that i wanted some ‘Retreat’ time. Well, here we go…i got it!

In a totally different setting than i could have ever imagined, yet better!

And i just feel this deep, Universal Trust, that everything will be fine. That i will receive the perfect opportunity to create an income, born from this new situation.

All we need to do, is trust ourselves. Even in the strangest scenarios, the most unexpected circumstances, the answers are always there. Right within us!

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