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jars, anyone!?

How about re-using!? Yeah…it’s a biggie, i know. All over the media, all over the place, everyone is talking about how to reduce our impact on our planet & about a conscious life style.

Soooo…i thought, since recycling has been my topic for a while now (and as a matter of fact i am implementing it wherever i go…), i’d get to it and find some Inspiration for giving a new purpose to my jar~collection.

i wasn’t gonna throw them! (they are super useful anyways, for various stuff…storing things, keeping things neat, and you can see through because it’s glass.)

So here’s what came out………..Christmas jars!!

Put a candle inside, or cookies, or a nice piece of jewellery for your Sweetheart, whatever…and hand it to those you love! No packaging required, looks pretty & you are totally free to create your own design.


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