How we can turn a mediocre morning into an Amazing Day!

I woke up. I felt my feelings were somehow lost into different directions. As if not focussed. This could result in a mediocre day. I dont want mediocre days in my Life!

I want amazing days.

Outstanding days.

Incredible, wondrous days!

With random, wonderful miracles happening in my Life!

So i set my intention. I got up. I stood up. I breathed.

I prayed, for my family, my loved One’s, my friends, all humanity…to share the same Happiness, the sane determination as me. The same will to experience Joy!

Then i put on my Affirmations! Listening to them carefully, i repeated them, one after one.

I AM amazing. I AM loved. IAM healthy. I AM wealthy. I AM always successful. I AM blessed. I AM safe.

And my mood turned already. Becoming more focussed on the good things…narrowing down the vision to what i am grateful for.

In the bus i re-counted everything i feel Gratitude about. My Energy rose. And my mood, even further.

The Sun started shining…and suddenly the day was perfect, even ending with an afternoon sunbath, after a successful day.


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