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Peaceful World.

Crossing my mind the other day, while i was driving. Seems to be the time when the mind is focussed and goes off to good places.

It appeared to me suddenly, why there is so much complication in our world, concerning disagreements. From the smallest right up to the greatest situations. From personal discussions to wars.

And it could All be avoided so simply. Truly.

I realized, that our world, or better most of it’s human inhabitants, companies, partners, relationships…are based on what we can personally gain. Now you might say that this is a natural thing. And then i would say, yes, well…but i am hundred percent convinced, even more than that, i know it in my bones, that if we practiced it the other way around, we’d be much happier.

As a matter of fact i am certain (even though i don’t have another specific example now except for Buthan, where the Happiness of the people is valued higher, according to the national understanding, than material & financial worth.)

What i am speaking about is, that if we’d live by the Understanding, that if we encounter a disagreement, no matter how big or small, the main focus should be TO KEEP THE PEACE. To keep the other person and oneself safe. To not let a disagreement grow bigger in Importance, than the Peace itself is important.

If the focus was, to find an agreement, or rather, if the agreement cannot be found, to (be willing to be the first one to) give in, to release the pressure, and to have a common understanding that it is fine if we cannot have what we wanted in order to keep living in Harmony with each other, then we could use our GREAT HUMAN POTENTIAL for so much more constructive, Positive things, instead of fighting each other for our personal gain, and being scared All the time, of each other.

If Ego is not the Focus anymore, but Peace is, our Humanity as a whole is, then we will grow into a much healthier society/community.

The natural Understanding must be, that we are All Human, we are All born here, and so, naturally, we Are All the Same. There must be not an option given to exist, in which to harm another, CAN BE an Option. The focus must always be on finding the Peace, together, and honouring each others Worthyness to be here. How can we LIVE TOGETHER, if we do not Respect and Tolerate each other for whe are!?

These must be the BASICS of a healthy society.


With Love,


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