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Sunshine Mornings!

My inner clock rang at 4.39am this morning. I know, kinda crazy, ay!? But then, i love it!

On the island you cannot wake up early enough. And no matter how early you wake up, there’ll always be someone on the street before you!

But this morning i wanted to make it extra early to the beach. I wanted to arrive, even before the surfers got there! Well…one was on the beach already, still with light from his cellphone, to see something. Told ya…always someone earlier!

I stepped on the sand when the stars were still glimmering. It’s funny how your eyes get used to the darkness though, and you can always just see enough. So i walked my favourite path, my dog next to me…and when the first Light rose, we were already two beaches ahead.

The Sun illuminated the clouds in gentle pinks and lit the dark blue into a light azul. Pure Beauty! A day that starts like this, can only get better! That is the truth…the early risers pick the Sunshine! That’s for sure!

On the way back i listened to my favourite Affirmation Meditation & sat facing the rising Sun, opening my Heart to receive all the peaceful Goodness.

Some playing in the water, greeting the Ocean. Always the best ritual! Close to the ocean is where the Sea~Souls need & long to be. And so am i.

The rays warmed my body, and after a too-long season in Europe last year, i appreciate every ray i get…let me tell you!!

It soaks up into my veins & fills me with pure Bliss!

It is the Sunshine life i always dreamed of! And now it is mine to live. What blessed Soul I Am.

Gratitude is my Belief. It takes us where we want to be.


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