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    Stay as long as you like… Part 2

    Next day. Trying our luck again. Getting up at 5am to depart 5.30am to immigration in the south of the island. Tired. Sleepy. And yet happy to have the fresh, cool morning air, no burning hot sun yet on our…

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    A crazy beautiful Day. Part 1

    Standing at the Entrance of Immigration in Indonesia, Bali. Waiting for 2 hours. Hundreds of people in line. Everything moves slowly. Hot Sun. Uncertainty. A global situation, and Visas are running out. Waiting. Waiting. Finally, after two hours we are…

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    Yearning for Adventure!

    Every couple of months, after i’ve been in one place, especially when i’ve spent time in Germany, i feel a burning in my Heart. A yearning. A longing. An Awakening of hunger…for Adventure! It’s like some part of me starts…

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    I have known Freedom in a lot of ways. And it can mean a lot of different things. I have gotten to know it in the vastness of Sanddunes in Africa, i have observed it while sailing on the great…