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Tears & Dishwashing Liquid!

You know when you don’t want to let your Emotions run freely, because you’re scared they will overrun you!?

Or when you don’t even really know what’s going on & suddenly you realize that you’ve been holding so much & that it’s pointless trying to hold it any longer…

That’s the point when you just let it go. You drop everything, and you just let the emotion come.

You let it out. You drop the dish, which you were holding, back into the water…and start sobbing.

You let your tears become one with the water you were cleaning with.

And suddenly it’s cleaning you. The Letting Go.

The Allowance of letting everything run out freely, right there. No need to hold on any longer.

You become lighter. The tension fades, you surrender.

You understand, what this moment wants to teach you. What you were trying to resist to.

Resistance builds up pressure. And that pressure needs to go somewhere, eventually.

In which way you choose to give it purpose is always your choice. Our own personal choice.

Do we get angry?

Do we destroy? Or do we use it for Healing? Do we learn to surrender to the Moment as it is…

Sometimes it just needs to flow, and we must enjoy the flow then.

Let it flow. Let it go. Feel light.

Feel yourself.

And allow your Emotions to be here now. You don’t need to marry them.

They come, they go.

Just allow.

Sometimes washing dishes can turn out to be something completely different.

A cleansing Ritual for the Soul.

Beautiful Surrender.

May it always bless us.

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