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The Pleasures of slow Life.

Wake up. Stretch. Feel your body…

How does your body feel? Are you rested, do you feel fresh? Which areas of your body feel like they need to be stretched, which do already feel soft.

Lay still a couple of minutes. Let your body awake gently. Let it transfer calmly from the dream state of mind, to being fully awake. (Also like this, you might remember some of your dreams.)

When you are ready, sit up and stay there for a couple of minutes. Listen to some quiet music, maybe meditation music or your favourite slow mood music, which lifts you up.

Set your intention for the day…how do you want to experience this day!? How do You WANT to feel? Feel it already. Set your determination to stay in this mood for the rest of the day….

When you prepare your meals, maybe breakfast, do it intentionally. Look at the gorgeous food that you will eat, and be grateful for every single piece of it. So many Beings have less than us, so we must be grateful for EVERY SINGLE BLESSING.

Bless your food, infuse it with your Love before you eat/drink it. Your body, both physical and etheral, will feel the difference.

Fill yourself with Love, also through your food. Taste it, every bite. Focus on nothing else. Did you ever, when sitting in a Café & having a coffee, take the cookie (which sometimes gets served on the side) and let it drop into the thick milk foam..?

Watch how it slowly disappears, drowning in the warm Goodness, that you are about to drink. It falls through softly, leaving you with an idea of the taste which you are about to encounter.

Isn’t it much more fun to experience things like this!? Slowly, tastefully…with pleasure. Real pleasure, and a hunger for Life. Gratitude in your bones & Love in your Heart!

Yes we were raised and being told that life has a fast pace, to hurry up and to finish everything. Yet…

Things are changing, and ESPECIALLY if you are coming up with the excuse now of having no time to live slowly…you are probably the One who needs it the most. We weren’t born to work or to fulfill tasks. We were born to Enjoy Life! In All it’s Fullness, Abundance & Richness.


When You stop making excuses and start making time for the things you love, you will automatically raise your Life-Quality…you will automatically want to do more of it, and this will lead you to a healthier, happier Lifestyle. Whatever your Life IS now…You have the Power to adjust it, wield it, change it according to what You want it to be.

Always remember this.

The Moments you really lived, are the Ones you remember…the Ones in which you are present, because you are fully there and not distracted. Create more of those moments. For yourself, your family, your loved-ones. Forget your watch for a little bit.

Fill the bathtub, put on the candles and the music, and feel the Simple Joy! Sit on that bench on that afternoon when the Sky is clear and the heavens are blue. Watch the clouds go by.

Don’t delay it…you never know when you get that opportunity again!

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