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Under the Bali stars.

Nyepi, the Day of Silence. The night of Stars. Hundreds…thousands. Shooting stars for every wish you have.

It’s the balinese Hindu holiday, where the island is under complete lock down (funny, as the world is currently under lock down too! There are no coincidences.) No cars, no bikes, noone is allowed out of their property. No light, no fire, no work, no internet. Even the airport is closed. Time for Meditation. For being still. For becoming silent (literally) and marvel at the world, how we have long forgotten it.

Quiet, unpolluted, without noises and lights everywhere. During the day the Energy feels so calm, you hear only birds, chickens and cicadas.

During the night the true Beauty comes out! When you see the Milky way with your bare eyes, and the sky is for once really black. So many shooting stars, you wonder how could you have ever forgotten that they exist.

Truth told, they are there all the time, we just don’t see them. As so many things.

Standing there then, reminds me how small i am. How insignificant our lives maybe are, and yet we put so much Energy, worry, thoughts and priority on them. What have we really got, that the world hasn’t seen before?

Do we think we’re special? That we can make any claims? This night reminds me, how beautiful our world really is, and how easily we forget this.

We just need to raise our heads and look up, and there it is. It is all there. It is always there, most of the time it is just hidden by all the noise and light we create.

It reminds me, how our world must have been before we were there. Calm and peaceful. There are so many distractions in our everyday life.

But tonight there am only i, and the great, big, mighty Stars. They shine down upon me, blessing me with their sparkling Beauty of thousands years old. I stand in awe and enjoy.

For one night, this world is calm. The whole island quiet. The streets empty. No light is lit, no Peace disturbed.

May it be many more nights so, i wish.

In Gratitude to Bali, mystery island of our Planet. Recharge for the Soul & mother of Magic.

Always my Love!

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