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Driving with three Coconuts!

Have you ever been in Asia? You will find that the matters of transport work differently here, than anywhere else.

Talking about Indonesia. Talking about Bali. Here, you can pretty much transport anything with anything.

A double bed mattress on a surf rack? Yep, have seen it. Ladders, three times the size of the bike, check. Doors, check. Family of four, plus baby, plus the dog, check. Businesses, check. It is just incredible!

Sometimes you will find something strange driving in front of you, which at first, you can’t really figure out what it is. A giant bush? A ball of balloons? All possible. Often it even looks, like whatever is driving in front of you, doesn’t even have a driver or a person attached to the bike. I am literally not joking!

So there i was, riding around with my three Coconuts! Still pretty harmless story if you come to think of it in ‘indo style’. Two between my feet, one under my seat, hoping it will not overflow and cover my scooter in sweet juiciness…

Whoever has been on Bali before, can tell you that there is nothing, and i mean nothing, more yummy than a young Coconut, freshly cut open (and preferably drunk with a bamboo straw! And not a plastic one.) by a small street seller at the side of the road.

This being said…getting them home, especially if your friend also wants one or two, is another story! It always fascinates me, with what accuracy the local people seem to know how to cut the hard shell open really fast, without cutting off their fingers with their sharp knives.

Arriving home with my Coconuts safely, i thought this was quite a memory that must be recorded, so here we are!

Bali-Coconuts-stories! Worth remembering…

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