To believe in Love, you are never an idiot ~ even if…

♡ you read and re-read a message a hundred times again, just because it makes you feel Good! (yes, i do that too!)

♡ you feel for no reason, that the person your Heart is attached to, touches you somehwere on a deeper level…even a level that with logic you cannot reach.

♡ hope beyond the logic of hoping. Love can overcome everything. Love never fails! Remember!? They said it even in the Bible. (That is though, if both parts are involved in the ‘overcoming’.)

♡ you have given your Heart, and only realize after, that maybe it was not meant for the person/situation who/m you wanted to dedicate it to.

♡ you are the first one to call.

♡ you let your emotion rule over your Ego. Love tends to do that, and that can be a Good Thing.

♡ you are opening yourself up again & again, in the Hope to meet another Heart, whom will open itself up to you also.

♡ you have gone ‘blind’ for a while. That’s normal. We all do.

♡ you believe in the seemingly ‘Impossible’. Remember? That Word itself says: ‘I’m possible!’

♡ you decide to forgive again.

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